Tool Box RS-13 | Porsche

XPress 800 riveting tool / Car Body Repair

  • 700196
Packing unit: 1 set
Gross weight: 0.48, 0,473 kg
Content: 11-teilig / pcs
Net weight: 0,321 kg
LängexBreitexHöhe: 270x80x55 mm
 1x K1+K2 punching-back-shaping set Ø 6 mm
20x SKR punching bits Ø 6 mm
  1x F1 extension 32 mm
  1x C1 closing die (SFNN 6 mm)
  1x C16 setting die SFFN
  1x BL6 punching and pressing-out die 6 mm
  1x BL8 punching and pressing-out die 8 mm
  1x A4 pressing-out spike
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