General Terms and Conditions

General conditions of sale of WS Wieländer+Schill GmbH & Co.KG

1. Conditions of contract, applicable law

a) The conditions of contract shall exclusively apply to our written confirmation of an order as well as the general conditions of delivery. Other conditions and agreements are subject to our permission.
b) In any legal relationship with WS Wieländer+Schill GmbH & Co.KG the law of Federal Repulic of Germany shall be applied; the application of international sales law is barred.

2. Pricing, payment, assurance
a) Prices shall apply to factory gate prices. Prices are calculated exclusively packing prices and the respective statutory turnover tax. The calculation results from the day of delivery current price list. If agreed in writing between the parties, the prices stated in orders are fixed prices, unless order related expenses change considerably after the contract formation. In that case we are authorized to adjust prices of these deliveries and part deliveries which contractually are made later than 3 month after the contract formation.
b) The invoice amount is to be paid net cash within 7 days after invoicing. Cash discounts require our consent, provided that remaining outstanding debts are paid. Payment and account deadlines begin with the invoice date; the adherence of the deadlines shall apply to the day of the payment receipt. Non-cash payments will be accepted on account of the performance; expenses are the responsibility of the customer except discount charges until the payment date of the invoice. Bills of exchange are accepted on special consent only. Formal errors or the failure to meet the deadline of bills of exchange, checks and other payment orders are chargeable to the customer. We can decide on the offsetting of claims against incoming settlements.
c) Setoff and retentions are only valid, if the counterclaim of the customer is legally detected or beyond dispute.
d) If the customer does not keep the conditions of payment or if circumstances to us or by order of a significant third party demand to decrease the credit standing or solvency, we are entitled to abrogate the time for payment allowed and to demand advance payment and collateral irrespective of our other statutory rights.
e) Furthermore, due to the in digit 6 agreed title retention we are entitled to ban resale and processing of supplied goods and to claim their return and the transcription of the indirect ownership of the supplied goods at the expense of the customer and to ban the direct debit authorization according to digit 6d. We are authorized by the customer to enter its company and to collect the delivered good if any of the circumstances mentioned above occurs. The return of the goods implies a recession of the contract only if we declare this emphatically.

3. Delivery and passing of risk
a) Customer takes ready for delivery reported goods immediately into charge. Otherwise we are authorized to dispatch the goods at our own choice or to store the goods at the expense of the customer. Furthermore we are entitled latter if the dispatch cannot be implemented through no fault of our own. The goods will be classified as delivered after one week’s storage.
b) Every risk is vested, even with carriage free dispatch or collection of the customer, in the customer as soon as the goods have left the forwarding office.
c) The customer cannot decline part deliveries. For lack of instructions the choice of the means and way of transportation is defined at the discretion of us.

4. Delivery time, hindrance of delivery, delayed delivery
a) Delivery deadlines are always agreed as approximate dates of delivery.
b) Should the delay in delivery be due to force majeure such as operational trouble, production downtimes, sourcing problems, industrial conflicts or similar events, such time shall be extended fair and reasonable.
c) It is agreed upon the fact that a delayed delivery is given if an extension granted in a reminder expires. If there are just causes the contract remains unaffected. It is also agreed that there will be no delivery delay if the customer is in default in cases of other contracts.

5. Warranty
a) In case of defects, wrong delivery and deficiency (if they can be identified by reasonable testing) the costumer should make any warranty claims in writing to the supplier immediately and not later than two weeks after delivery.
b) The warranty is excluded if the costumer refrains to declare any warranty claims in due time. The same applies if the costumer shall not enable an immediate close examination of the defect demanded from our side.
c) In case of justified warranty claims we shall, at our option, replace or newly provide replacement parts or withdraw payments on account if the defective good has been returned. The costumer shall demand termination of the contract or reduction of the purchase price if the remedy of faults is not successful.
d) Defective partial shipments do not derive any warranty claim for the costumer in regard to other partial shipments.

6. Retention of title
a) The items of delivery and any other derived claims shall remain the property of the supplier until the costumer has duly satisfied all claims for the respective order and all other business relationship. This is also applicable when payment in full has been received.
b) If our goods are processed by the costumer we are still the manufacturer without entering into a commitment but gaining ownership of newly developed goods. If the processing is conducted with other materials we gain co-ownership proportional to the invoice value of our goods. If in case of combination or mixing of our goods with items of the costumer, and it is agreed as the main item, we gain the co-ownership to the invoice value of our goods proportional to the current market price of the main item. The costumer shall be the depositary in this case.
c) All claims (including balance claims of possible current account relations) and gains on sales of goods we claim retention of the title assigns the costumer with the retention clause to us. The costumer shall dispose of our owned goods in regular course of business and to collect debts, as long as the costumer fulfill it’s obligations in time (especially terms of payment) and any danger of reservation of title is excluded.
d) Upon request, the costumer must immediately provide any needed information about the title and mentioned assigned book account as well as informing the buyer about any assignments.
e) If the amount of security is exceeded by over 20 %, upon request, we shall authorize securities at our option.

7. Warranty of properties
a) Declaration of delivery, dimensions, weight, material, appearance, standards and performance shall only be a description of the delivery item and shall not be a warranty of properties. Guaranteed properties shall be stated distinctly in written form.

8. Damage
a) If the costumer refuses to fulfill the contract so we shall (after setting a deadline and penalty of denial of service) charge in general 35 % of the contract amount. The right of the costumer to provide evidence of a minor defect or for the seller to provide evidence of a higher defect shall not be affected.

9. General Liability
a) Any liability (indifferent for whatever reason – legal ground, liability of legal representatives, staff, assistants) is limited to grossly negligent non-performance of obligations during contract negotiations or contract, if not opposed to legal requirements. The accountability is restricted to the coverage and payment of our liability assurance. If the assurance does not cover claim of damage, e.g. default, impossibility or incapacity, the claims are restricted to the amount of the price of the delivered item/service, unless grossly negligence.

10. Limitation
a) Claims in relation to warranty or liability are subject to a 6 months limitation period calculated from the date of delivery of goods. If agreed on other limitation periods on conclusion of it.

11. Place of Performance, Jurisdiction, and severability clause
a) The place of performance for all obligations arising under the contract shall be D-78609 Tuningen, Germany.
b) If no other legal requirements oppose the place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising directly or indirectly out of this contract D-78609 Tuningen, Germany, or upon our request the location of the costumer or in case of disputes concerning checks or acceptances the place of payment.
c) Should any provision of these conditions of contract or any provision in the context of other agreements be invalid or become invalid, the validity of the other provisions or agreements shall remain unaffected.


Disclaimer (Legal)

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